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norm’s survivors climb

"In November 2012 I was diagnosed as having bowel cancer”, says Norman. "Following chemotherapy and radiotherapy, an irreversible colostomy operation rid me of the disease.

"As part of my recovery, as soon as I was I diagnosed with the disease, I started making plans for a post recovery trip", says Norman, "this trip became Norm's Survivors Climb."

Norman';s original plan was for a trip to the Alps in summer 2014. Two friends, Claire Bradford and Ian Swarbrick who survived a severe brain tumour and a broken neck respectively, had offered to accompany Norman on the trip.

"Our aim was to climb two or three peaks of about 3,500 metres / 11,500 feet, to raise money for our local hospice organisation, Exeter Hospiscare", says Norman.

"Although the trip went ahead" says Expedition Manager, Wes Down, "neither Claire not Ian we are able to accompany Norman, but the project was filmed by Andrew Johnstone from the film company Wild Dog for BBC's Inside Out.

"The trip was a huge success and we collected donations to Hospiscare for the climb via our justgiving.com page Norm’s Survivors Climb", says Norman.

And the project goes on. Norman returned to the Alps in the summer of 2015 and is already planning his next climbing trip for the summer of 2016.

Read more in the short feature from Exeter Express & Echo.

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pre-trip film clip

press clipping

"...In france, accompanied by his wife Jude, he began by climbing over easy angled snow and rock to the top of Le Brevent in Chamonix, at 2,525m. He then tackled the Croix de Fer (2,330) via a narrow rock ridge followed by and exposed ledge and some scrambling on loose rock.

Joined by two student fiends thy then reached the top of the Mallighorn (2,700m) in Switzerland, after a rock scramble in light snow.

Norman;s target for 2016 are two Swiss mountains of about 3,400m, what Norman calls "proper climbing".

Norman'c climbs are raising money for Hospiscare in Exeter…to total so far is nearly £10,000"

Exeter Life Magazine 2015
"Not being one to give up easily, without bottled oxygen, Norman climbed the sixth highest mountain in the world, Cho Oyo in Tibet, which stands at 8,201m (26,906ft)."


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